Social and Environmental Safeguards

The Caracol Park is more than a business investment: it is a pledge to work with the Haitian Government and people to bring jobs and commerce back to Haiti. To achieve this objective, continued engagement with the local communities is essential.

  • Frequent meetings have been held with the local communities in the North, providing opportunity to share their thoughts and give feedback on the project. The Mayor's office in the town of Caracol has been inaugurated after a complete renovation, providing a meeting space for the community to discuss the Caracol Park and other matters affecting the region. The GOH has launched a communication campaign with radio spots, billboards and information kiosks to ensure everyone is informed about the benefits of the park and the progress of the project.

  • The GOH has completed a farmer compensation plan after a consultation process spanning several months. The plan ensures that farmers who would otherwise be adversely affected by the construction of the Park are compensated and receive opportunity to sustain their livelihoods.

  • The amount of water required by Sae-A and other potential tenants of the park has been calculated and state of the art waste water treatment facilities have been included, both for domestic and industrial waste water discharge. All water used in Caracol Park operations will be treated to meet U.S. environmental guidelines, with regular independent audits as required by U.S. and other international buyers. These modern facilities will allow a garment manufacturer for the first time to produce apparel with fabric made in Haiti.

  • The Caracol Park project has undergone extensive environmental assessments. An environmental plan has been communicated to the local community, which not only ensures that environmental impacts are carefully mitigated, but also includes additional investments to restore and safeguard the environmental assets of this beautiful and diverse region of Haiti.

  • The Caracol Park and all its tenants are required to adhere to the International Labor Organization's (ILO) highest standards. The industry in Haiti collaborates with the ILO's Better Work program and regular audits are being conducted to comply with the strict criteria of the U.S. trade preference program and of buyers. The employees at the Park will have access to nutritious food at competitive rates in canteens which will be conveniently located onsite, providing a new market for local farmers and produce.