For the business community, Haiti offers an attractive combination of proximity to the U.S market, a competitive and highly motivated workforce, generous trade preferences for the U.S. and European markets and special incentives for foreign investors. Haiti's competitiveness is now receiving a boost through major infrastructure projects, supported by the Haitian Government and its international partners. These investments generate the productive base from which Haiti can grow and prosper.

Job creation is a key priority for Haiti and its partners and international financial institutions are offering attractive financing for credible private sector projects that will create sustainable jobs.

Haiti currently has one government-owned and several private industrial parks. The new development of the Caracol Park will offer a dedicated, reliable, consistent energy supply, safe water supply and waste water treatment facility to meet stringent environmental standards. Situated 30 minutes from the port of Cap Haitian with several sailings per week with 3-4 day services to the U.S. and just 40 minutes from the Cap Haitian International Airport, there is regular access to the U.S. market.

Several beautiful beaches, hotels and UNESCO World Heritage historical monuments are within convenient reach and cellular network coverage, including data transmission, is very good throughout Northern Haiti.

While an unprecedented reconstruction effort is underway, Haiti is open for business and the Caracol Park offers factory shells and services built to international standards and ready to withstand hurricanes and seismic shocks.

Donor funds pledged by the international community are being channeled to generate a competitive environment for investors who will create sustainable jobs.